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    Community Living Award
    Crown Employees Ageing, Disability and Home Care - Department of Human Services NSW (Community Living Award) 2010.

    Residential Centre Support Services Staff Award
    Crown Employees (New South Wales Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care) Residential Centre Support Services Staff Award 2008.

    Administrative Staff Award 2007
    Crown Employees (Home Care Service of New South Wales - Administrative Staff) Award 2007.

    Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Music Therapists Award
    Crown Employees (Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Music Therapists) Award 2007.

    NDIS: Yes - Privatisation: No
    "Ben has spent the past two years living in hospital wards, waiting for Aging Disability and Home Care (NSW) to find him a placement in a group home. Hospital administration are now threatening to apply for legal guardianship to enable them to force him into an Aged Care Facility."
    "Recently the family's hopes were dashed when they were told that a place had been found in a group home run by a non-government organisation (NGO), however Ben had been rejected as he sometimes displays outbursts of temper."

    Support the community campaign for publicly funded, inclusive disability care. Sign the "" petition

    Support the PSA campaign: "NDIS - YES; Privatisation - NO"

    Read the SBS news report Who pays: selling social services

    National Disability Insurance Scheme
    "The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) administered by DisabilityCare Australia is intended to provide user centered and flexible care arrangements for people with disabilities. One consequence is that NSW government direct provision is slated to end by 2018. Many observers have noted that the NDIS scheme may impact on the pay rates for work previously done by public sector workers. The following report in the Sydney Morning Herald should be of concern to both prospective clients of DisabilityCare Australia and the unions which cover these workers.

    "Pay rates being offered under the national disability insurance scheme, DisabilityCare Australia, are so low the program is unlikely to attract the necessary number of qualified staff, according to an industry expert." Read the Sydney Morning Herald report, 23 June 2013 "Disability scheme's 'unrealistic' pay offer short of current rates"

    "Union warns against NSW disability funding plan": too little too late?
    "The New South Wales Government has been warned by the public sector union to abandon its plan to allow people with disabilities to pick and choose care services."
    Read the ABC News report, 25 April 2012 Union warns against NSW disability funding plan.
    PSA members have commented that if opposition to the government's plans were to be successful it should have begun a year or more ago.

    National Disability Insurance Scheme
    In August 2011 the Federal Government announced a landmark decision to implement a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) that will cover the full cost of support for anyone who is born with or acquires a permanent disability in their lifetime.
    However there are concerns that the proposed seven year time frame for the full introduction of the NDIS is too long a wait.

    To read more click National Disability Insurance Scheme

    DWS News Bulletin

    To read the DWS News click here

    Bans in ADHC - Were you asked? Do you understand how the ban will operate?
    The recent anouncement of an industrial ban by PSA head office has a number of members scratching their heads. We've received little explanation and you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who was consulted. More info here. Its hardly the way to build an effective union and win the support of ADHC staff.

    Community Living Award
    Members are raising questions about why they weren't properly consulted over changes to the Community Living Award and why a number of conditions have been significantly weakened. There is a better way.

    NSW Parliament investigates ADHC
    In July and August 2010 a NSW parliamentary inquiry was conducted by the Standing Committee on Social Issues to investigate the quality of services provided and funded by Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC). The committee released their report on 11 November 2010. The 300 page report made a wide range of critical findings about ADHC and includes 55 recommendations. Follow this link for a summary of key findings and recommendations by the Committee.

    Disability services funding falls short of recommendation
    The Keneally Government recently announced that $2b will be made available over the next five years for Stronger Together II. This $2b in funding has been heralded in some quarters but it falls short of the $2.5b figure recommended by the inquiry as the minimum amount necessary to fund phase two of Stronger Together. The NSW Government anticipates a projected budget surplus of $3.15 billion over the next four years, yet as the parliamentary inquiry into ADHC reveals, disability services remain significantly underfunded.

    Large residential centres remain open long after deadline
    In 1998 the NSW Labor Government announced that, in order to better meet the individual needs of clients, all large residences would close by 2010. However, as the NSW Ombudsman's Annual Report points out, in 2010 over 1600 residents remain living in large institutions in NSW. The NSW Government has now announced that large residences will close by 2018 but the Keneally Government is likely to be ejected from power soon. What will the new Government do and how much longer will we have to wait before the needs of all people with disabilities are respected?

    Why the secrecy?
    Since 2009 PSA officials have known that job cuts would result from the restructure of Accommodation & Respite (A&R) but members were kept in the dark. Similarly the current PSA leadership faction won't reveal the results of the member ballot on the restructure. Why the secrecy?

    Accommodation & Respite Restructure - Update
    Members have recently been provided with information to update them about the progress of the restructure of Accommodation and Respite (A&R). Job descriptions were provided and new pay scales are available on the intranet. There is however no mention of new nasties that will take effect once the new structure commences in September.

    Under the 2008 pay deal granting public servants an annual 4% pay rise, 1.5% of the 4% increase must be funded through cost savings measures such as cuts in jobs and conditions. To Read more click here

    Accommodation & Respite Vote
    ADaHC members employed in Accommodation and Respite were asked to vote on a proposed restructure. Since management have made no final offer PSA members are left wondering what they were voting on.

    Important details about the new award and the proposed restructure have not been provided by either the PSA or the employer. Furthermore, members have been largely cut out of the negotiating process.

    According to a recent PSA bulletin, the ballot has been endorsed by members but the figures on the vote are not being provided to the membership. Does this indicate a low voter turnout and/or a high No vote which the PSA leadership fears might undermine their credibility? We donít know. Click here for more information.

    For more background information and opinion about the pay deal and its impact on members conditions return to the homepage

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