For secure jobs and better conditions The Progressive PSA brings together rank and file trade union activists in the Public
Service Association of NSW and the CPSU (SPSF Branch). We work for:
  • greater job security
  • improved and more equitable pay
  • sustainable jobs in a sustainable environment
  • a democratic and strong union
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    January 2011 - Notice of a union ban was recently circulated by the PSA office in regards to a new ADHC policy.

    The PSA office has provided little explanation of the ban or the issues and events that have lead to it being imposed. Members have simply been instructed to not implement the new policy. The policy has subsequently been removed from the ADHC intranet so now we are unable to see what it is that we are meant to be banning.

    The PSA leadership and the ADHC Delegates Committee decided on the ban without conducting a broad consultation of members.

    We should be consulted and involved in deciding on any industrial action. Support for such action would be stronger if we were informed of the issues, assured of union protection, and in control of the ban.

    Top down control by the union office disempowers members. Our union would be much stronger if we all played a role in determining union policy and were able to guide discussions and negotiations with the employer through regular meetings, reports and feedback by the delegates and officials. After all no one knows our conditions and the consequences of proposed changes better than us.

    This is how strong unions operate, by building active participation in union affairs by members at the grassroots level. The PSA requires change to be a stronger and more effective union and you can help that process by insisting on being consulted next time you encounter delegates or union staff.

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