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Service Association of NSW and the CPSU (SPSF Branch). We work for:
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    Since at least last year it has been known to PSA officials that job cuts would result from the restructure of Accommodation & Respite (A&R). The employer revealed to the union office early on in negotiations that under their plan a net loss of 35-50 positions would occur. After keeping this information under wraps for over a year, union management belatedly acknowledged this fact but defended the job cuts on the basis that ADHC didn't achieve their ambit claim of several hundred jobs lost.

    Meanwhile, members remain unaware of the extent of budget savings under the restructure because figures have never been revealed by ADHC or PSA management. It is not even clear if the PSA office has ever asked for or obtained information from the employer about savings under the restructure.

    Similarly, results of the December 2009 PSA ballot of members about the restructure remains shrouded in secrecy. PSA ADHC delegates were informed by officials early in 2010 that just under one third of members who cast a vote rejected the restructure proposal but these results were not circulated to members. The percentage of ADHC members who actually voted remains a mystery because not even delegates were allowed to know this information. How embarrassing were these figures? One can only wonder. If you would like more information about any of these issues it is suggested you call PSA Principal Industrial Officer Ayshe Lewis on 02 9220 0958.

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