Progressive PSA Let's make our union strong again! The Progressive PSA brings together rank and file trade union activists in the Public
Service Association of NSW and the CPSU (SPSF Branch). We work for:
  • greater job security
  • improved and more equitable pay
  • sustainable jobs in a sustainable environment
  • a democratic and strong union
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    Meet our candidates for the 2016 PSA union elections. Information for PSA members

    Voting papers for the Public Service Association 2016 elections for Central Council and the Executive will be sent to your home from 12 September 2016 from the NSW Electoral Commission.
    Verbal or written request for replacement ballot papers which have been lost or spoiled must be received by the SEC Returning Officer by 5.00pm, Wednesday 12 October 2016 to allow return of replacement ballot papers and receipt by the SEC Returning Officer by the close of poll date 12.00noon, Monday 17 October 2016.
    Phone: 1300 135 736 – a dedicated reception area will handle the PSA election related calls.

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    Judith Greenwood (from Environment & Heritage) for General Secretary
    VISION: The PSA should be a vibrant, member driven organisation and an effective champion for the Public Service.

    As General Secretary I will represent the members through:

  • building PSA membership through improving job security and initiating recruitment campaigns in potential growth areas e.g. universities and coverage areas in the NGO sector.
  • Building a strident challenge to the current war on conditions waged by the Coalition Government.
  • Crafting targeted strategies and industrial actions to achieve our goals.
  • Ensuring efficient management of union resources.
  • Enacting effective and inclusive consultation.
  • With the Progressive having re-established fairer Central Council election rules so a range of representatives are elected, not 45 people from one faction.
  • No political donations – why get one team offside by donating to another when they could be our bosses?
  • Employees of the PSA need to be members of another union, not the PSA. PSA Staff deserve independent representation. The PSA is not primarily a training ground for aspiring politicians.

    EXPERIENCE: I have previously served as Councillor on Randwick City Council, where my innovative ideas were appreciated by Council management, as was my support for the needs and issues of constituents. I joined the NSW Public Service after a career in academia because I value what a properly resourced public sector can provide society.

  • John Moratelli (from Legal Aid) for PSA President
    I have been a lawyer at Legal Aid NSW for over 20 years and a PSA Departmental Committee delegate for that time. For most of that time I have been one of the delegates to the Peak Consultative Committee and have been instrumental in negotiating various local agreements on flexible working hours, restructures, and an award to ensure that lawyers are properly protected against personal cost orders. At various times I have been a active Central Councillor having either moved or supported improvements to the way our union works. I was instrumental in establishing the Industrial Committee of PSA Central Council.

    In recent times, I have witnessed an unhealthy decline in internal union democracy. On the eve of the 2008 elections the incumbents changed the rules about elections to Central Council. Before the changes the different viewpoints of the contending groups were represented on Central Council according to the degree of membership support they attracted. After the changes the Progressive PSA attracted 47% of the vote without getting a single position on Central Council. It was winner take all! The Progressives in PSA Central Council have restored democracy to the PSA election by reversing that rule change.

    At a time of unprecedented attacks on conditions, jobs and security of employment, Central Council meetings were running for 15 to 20 minutes between 2008-12. There was no discussion and debate taking place in relation to strategies to counter these attacks. All that changed after the Progressives won the 2012 PSA elections. As Chair of the Central Council I will ensure that all viewpoint get a fair say.

    I am standing as a Progressive PSA candidate to continue to strengthen democracy and member involvement in both state and federal branches of our union.

    Renee Kinimaka (from Family and Community Services) for Vice President
    I am member focused with 20 years of experience in public service. I believe public servants are the backbone of a well-functioning society not a commodity to be sold off privately. This political climate demands that our Union is constantly strategic in countering our government’s agenda. I identify as Indigenous Hawaiian and understand the importance of creating cultural safety for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and other culturally diverse individuals when tackling issues.

    As Vice-President, I will support members by seeking the following:

  • Transparency through proper consultation at all levels
  • A responsive Union which protects jobs and entitlements we fought hard to attain
  • Developing strategic responses to counter the neoliberal agenda of government
  • Improved communications and coordinated responses to members’ needs

    I am an active Central Councillor for the PSA and workplace delegate with Family and Community Services. Previous to this, I was an active delegate of the Departmental Committee for Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC) and a long term workplace delegate with ADHC. I gave evidence to the Commission during the salary cases claim and played a direct role in the Community Support Team restructure.

    I actively promote social justice, equity and fairness through union strength and member solidarity which demands robust negotiation from Central Council level right through to Joint Consultative Committee meetings and individual member’s meetings. I stand with the Progressive PSA who have fought hard to bring back a democratic process to the Public Service Association.

  • Raquel Cortez (from Family and Community Services) for Vice President
    I am a social worker committed to social change and the retention of Public Services in NSW. As a Central Council delegate I am a member of the industrial committee and have helped establish and maintain the committee dealing with psychological injuries in the workplace. If elected I remain committed to continuing this important work.

    I urge members to vote for the Progressive PSA team because it is a vote to make our union focus on, and respond to, members needs.
    The PROGRESSIVES remain committed to the PSA being a vibrant, member driven organisation and an effective champion for Public Services.

    Boyd Kellner (from Schools) for Vice President
    Boyd Kellner is an active school based PSA member. Boyd's priorities for the PSA are revitalising the union and restoring democracy for members.

    Boyd brings extensive experience from a range of positions including:

  • PSA Central Councillor (1998 to 2008 and 2012-2014);
  • Delegate to PSA Schools Departmental Committee; North Coast Regional Schools Joint Consultative Committee and DET/PSA General Assistants Training & Development Working Party;
  • Secretary of the PSA General Assistants Advisory Group;
  • PSA North Coast Regional Organiser; and
  • Active member of “Your Rights at Work” Northern Rivers [NRUN] group.
    Boyd says: "It's time to end the staleness and lethargy and make our union strong again. We need a responsive, inclusive union the listens to members’ not endless top-down union official rhetoric. The Progressive PSA represents the only real alternative to make the union strong again."

  • Matte Rochford (from Schools) for Assistant General Secretary
    A strong union, that builds workers’ power at the grassroots level, can stop privatisation, gain better conditions for workers and improve our society. This is what I want our union to be. I served as a workplace delegate during my time at Australia Post when I actively fought against Howard’s regressive WorkChoices. I continue to fight for Refugee rights and initiated a ‘Teachers for Refugees’ group at Glebe Public School where I work now as a School Learning Support Officer. Building confidence and suitable political repsonses at the workplace level is what I do. The state Liberal government with the anti-worker, privatisation agenda must be defeated and to do that we need a strong and active grassroots union movement that engages all workers. The PROGRESSIVES remain committed to the PSA being a vibrant, member driven organisation and an effective champion for Public Services.

    I am concerned about the secrecy around the PSA Rule changes prior to the 2012 election and Pay deal trade offs with limited circulation of information given to members to ensure a well-informed decision has been made for the best interests of public sector workers. I was concerned by the hostility presented by many when more members sought further information on PSA rule changes, PSA funds and Pay deal case. This concerns me when the information has not been freely available in each circumstance. I would like to see paid public servants who understand our needs be the main decision making body for our union. Our unio needs this change. Think about whom you are voting for to create the changes needed. Your vote is important.

    Leon Parissi (from TAFE) for Central Council Delegate
    Leon Parissi will work hard with PSA members and union staff to build a stronger, united union that can deliver better outcomes in job security, working conditions and pay.

    A RECORD OF ACHIEVEMENT – Leon Parissi has been an active PSA member and delegate since the 1980s. His record as an activist delegate includes:

  • Successfully establishing and leading several Workplace Groups
  • Actively leading/contributing to many union campaigns on job security, better pay and conditions, lead delegate for the 2016 TAFE Enterprise Agreement
  • A leading role in winning substantial salary increases in the 2002 Libraries and Archives pay equity Award
  • Chair of the DEC/TAFE Delegates Council (current) PSA Central Councilor and Federal Councillor over many years. A leader of the "Save Our TAFE" campaign.
  • Leading various labour, social and community movements and campaigns.

    NO UNMANAGED CONFLICTS OF INTEREST – LEON PARISSI says: "The Progressive PSA is the only group consistently campaigning against secret trade-offs of conditions. On PSA Central Council Progressives supported the disclosure of conflicts of interest moved and to not hold paid positions on Boards of Management of organisations that present potential conflicts of interest. When on secondment as an union staff Organiser I stepped down from duties as a PSA Central Councillor.

    Central Council is the governing body of our union and should hear from a variety of union voices. Rank & File with Members First took all the Central Council positions between 2008-12. During those years meetings of the governing body of the union fell into disrepute with meetings lasting as few as 10 minutes, with little or no debate, discussion or involvement by Councilors. Since 2012 Progressives have made it a center of union life and decision making. Central Council has become a place of lively discussion from a variety of viewpoints including those I do not agree with. A Rank and File supporter and an Independent have been invited to attend Central Council as Alternate delegates from time to time. Progressives have now reversed the undemocratic "winner-take-all" voting for PSA elections which was introduced by Rank & File."

    UNITY AND STRENGTH – With these key elements PSA members together with the broader labour movement fought the Rights @ Work campaign. Progressives will bring unity & strength back into our union to win better results for PSA members.

  • Ian Tuit (from State Insurance Regulatory Authority) for Central Council Delegate
    Ian Tuit is an experienced workplace delegate with more than ten years experience in representing members at WorkCover NSW and the organisations that replaced it in 2015.
    Ian has extensive experience with Workplace Health and Safety issues that affect union members. He significantly contributed to the parliamentary Inquiry into Allegations of Bullying in WorkCover NSW, which found that the workplace safety regulator had a systemic culture of bullying in its ranks.
    Ian is determined to see that your union effectively protects its members from bullying and other WHS risks such as mental stress and work pressures that occur with increasing job insecurity and restructuring.

    Anabel Morales Nogues (Land & Property Information) for Central Council delegate
    Until recently Anabel was a PSA delegate for Community Services Head Office. Anabel advocated strongly for the rights of members in the workplace.

    Anabel has represented members as a delegate on the Community Services Departmental Committee, as well as being a strong voice for all staff as Chairperson of the Head Office OHS Consultative Committee and a representative on the State OHS Consultative Committee.

    Anabel is a passionate advocate for justice and union issues, and believe in genuine membership consultation. In her time as a delegate, she has strengthened union presence in the workplace, fostered a supportive union culture, and established a collaborative structure to encourage participation from all members.

    Our union needs a courageous leadership to challenge the attacks on public sector wages, conditions and services, and mount an effective campaign to protect our jobs and the vital services we deliver. We need a real campaign to eradicate bullying from our workplaces, and ensure compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity.

    Anabel says, "I am proud to have been part of the progressive PSA as a Central Councillor. Since 2012 the Progressives have reversed the undemocratic winner-take-all voting system so that many points of view will be represented on the next Council. We have ensured members have a greater say in the direction of campaigns, enabled the publication of Executive salaries, and made Annual Conference a dynamic and safe place for information sharing and debate."

    Patricia (Trish) Leen (from State Library NSW) for Central Council delegate
    I have worked at the State Library for 25 years. During this time I have helped build the union and assisted members in the roles of Workplace Chair, Delegate to Women's Council and delegate to Central Council.

    I am committed to building strong and assisted delegates committees to defend members of the union. I do not believe our struggles should be siloed. Instead we need to build solidarity with each other. One agency's privatisation is an attack on us all as workers, and an attack on our community. I am on the Progressive's ticket because I find them to be the most honourable, hard working and selfless union activists.

    Amanda Baynham (from FACS) for Central Council delegate
    Amanda Baynham has been employed by FACS Community Services since 2009 and been a member of the PSA since this time.
    Amanda is passionate about equitable and transparent processes to support caseworkers.

    Amanda is dedicated to ensure the PSA supports members when issues of bullying or unethical behaviour by management are raised by members. She wants to ensure that professional conduct issues are managed transparently and equitably. She wants to work to ensure PSA is supporting all members, through timely responses from the Members Support Centre and through establishing workplace groups to support all members across NSW.

    I am standing as a Progressive PSA candidate to continue to strengthen democracy and member involvement inour union.

    Graham Brown (from Rural Fire service) for Central Council delegate
    Since starting my working career I have been an active member of a union. I now work for the NSW Rural Fire Service and have been active in the departmental committee for over 4 years.
    During both my rail and present career I have held various positions such as a committee person, secretary, and chair of the committee.

    I have been a delegate to central council for nearly 3 years, and during that time I have voted for what I believe is in the best interest of the members. I see my role as central council delegate as providing the best possible governance for the PSA and fighting for members to receive the best possible support and guidance in stressful times, these services to the members has declined over the last couple of years.

    I have been through numerous restructures and rebranding, I believe that to achieve results we must stand together as a team to get the best results. Times are hard with the current government, however we as a team will fight for better outcomes, showing the community that Public Servants are important and that we provide some of the world’s best services to the community.

    I support the Progressive PSA team as we try and work for the good of all members, not just a few.

    I urge all members to think about your vote and put the Progressive PSA 1st.

    Simon Gray (from TAFE) for Central Council delegate
    SIMON GRAY is an experienced workplace delegate and a long standing member of the TAFE state Delegates Council. Simon says “ The PSA must continue in the direction of reform and increased member involvement since 2012 and not return to the previous administration which in 2008 gave away members conditions without reference to the union membership and which introduced an undemocratic “winner takes all’ election system for Central Council.” There is much more to be done to defend and extend working conditions and pay and more to be done to fight job losses and the increasing privatisation of the public sector. I encourage members to vote for the Progressive PSA group.

    Voting papers for the Public Service Association 2016 elections for Central Council and the Executive will be sent to your home from 12 September 2016 from the NSW Electoral Commission. The ballot closes and voting papers must be returned to the NSW SEC by 12 Noon on 17 October 2016.
    If you have lost or spoiled your voting papers please contact the NSW Electoral Commission: Telephone: (02) 9290 5924

    This is not an official publication of the PSA. Authorised by Judith Greenwood

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