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Progressive PSA brings together rank and file trade union activists in the Public Service Association of New South Wales and the CPSU (SPSF Branch). We work for
  • greater job security
  • improved and more equitable pay
  • sustainable jobs in a sustainable environment
  • a democratic and strong union
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The Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) is a product of the amalgamation of the State Public Services Federation (SPSF) and the Public Sector Union, the former union for federal government employees.

The CPSU is a registered organisation under the Commonwealth Fair work Australia Act .

The union is divided into two groups:

  • The SPSF (State Public Services Federation) Group - in which the PSA operates (mainly for Universities, TAFE and other NSW government employees who come under the Fair Work Australia jurisdiction); and
  • The PSU (Public Sector Union) Group - the comonwealth public servants union.

In practice the two groups operate as separate organisations, each having its own office bearers, office facilities and employees, and offering separate services to their members. It is an amalgamation of convenience from the days when the ACTU and Commonwealth Government forced amalgamations of unions.

The SPSF Group is divided into State Branches, each Branch having wide representation rights in respect to state government employees and also in relation to workers in the Higher Education sector.

The New South Wales Branch also has a "Sub-Branch" which consists of the members of the former associated body, the Professional Officers Association (POA). When the PSA and the POA amalgamated at the state level, assurances were given to the members of the POA that they would retain representation within the new structures and the sub-branch has remained as a result.



Branch Council
The NSW Branch Council consists of the Branch President, the Vice Presidents, the Branch Secretary, the Assistant Secretaries and Branch Councillors.

The Branch Council is elected by the entire Branch membership. The term of office is four years. There are reserved positions for women and men; for those who work in Higher Education, Health and School Education.

Federal Council
There is a Federal Council which is the supreme governing body of the CPSU/SPSF Group. It is made up of the Federal Officers and Federal Councillors from each State Branch.

The NSW Branch is entitled to eleven Federal Council representatives, who are elected by and from the NSW Branch Council. At least one must come from the Sub-Branch.

Progressive PSA NSW Branch Councillors 2012-2016

Branch Assistant Secretary Kirsten Cameron
Branch Vice President Boyd Kellner
Branch Councillor and Federal Councillor Leon Parissi
Branch Councillor Jeff Walters
Branch Councillor Margaret McLoughlin-Fullick
Branch Councillor Margaret Jarosz
Branch Councillor Jenny Singleton
Branch Councillor Michael Sergent

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