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    Corrective Services

    PSA warns on impact of new mandatory sentencing laws
    "The Public Service Association of NSW says funding cuts have left prisons with 'dangerously low staffing levels' and officers will struggle to cope with increased inmate numbers expected under the new 'one-punch' laws."
    Read the Sky News report "Jail guards 'at risk' under new laws"

    However Premier Barry O'Farrell is reported to be "unconcerned". Read the News Ltd report "O'Farrell not worried about prison numbers"

    Update ABC Radio National Law Report, 11 February 2014, former NSW Director of Public Prosecutions argues there is no justification for the laws and discusses the wider law and order climate. "Legal reforms in NSW"

    Correctives media reports, 2013
    This collection of twelve media reports relating to Correctives and Justice matters is not exhaustive but should be of interest to PSA members who work in theCorrectives and Justice areas. They were broadcast or printed during the last quarter of 2013.

    Read the collection of late 2013 media reports "here."

    Corrective Services restructured
    “Community corrections in NSW are being re-shaped to help it deliver “best-practice, flexible and improved supervision and management of offenders”, according to Commissioner for Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW), Peter Severin."

    Read the PS News report, 12 Dec 2012: "Corrective action on Corrections’ shape"

    Concerns raised over cuts to Corrective Services rosters
    “Corrective Services staff who monitor recently released sex and violent offenders have had their shifts slashed as part of the O'Farrell government's cuts to public services.
    NSW Corrective Services has been ordered to place a freeze on rosters for staff who manage intensive correction orders, home detention and sex offenders on parole.”

    Read the Sydney Morning Herald report: "Assented: Tue 21 Aug 2012."

    Select Committee on the Closure or Downsizing of Corrective Services NSW
    “The Select Committee on the Closure or Downsizing of Corrective Services NSW Facilities is a current select committee of the Legislative Council, established 6 Sep 2012 to inquire into and report on the closure or downsizing of Corrective Services NSW facilities.”

    Click here for a series of links to the Terms of Reference, reports and other documents: Select Committee on the Closure or Downsizing of Corrective Services

    Inspector of custodial services bill, 2012
    “The inspector will perform an independent statutory role that will provide external scrutiny of the standards and operational practices of custodial services in New South Wales. The inspector will also provide an independent mechanism for monitoring broader thematic and systemic issues arising out of inspection of adult and juvenile correctional facilities and services.”

    Read Greg Smith, Attorney General, and Minister for Justice, 23 May 2012: "second reading speech."

    Read the Text of Bill as passed by both Houses: "Assented: Tue 21 Aug 2012."

    Read Sydney Morning Herald report, 13 May 2012 "Jails' new advocate"

    O'Farrell response to state audit: cut workers conditions, privatise
    “More outsourcing of government services, an investigation of teacher sick leave and a crackdown on subsidies and concessions are expected following a landmark audit of the NSW public sector.”
    "It [Schott Report] makes 132 reform recommendations to the government across agencies, including health, education, transport and water and power utilities."

    Read the Sydney Morning Herald report, 10 August 2012: "Audit calls for cuts to public sector blowout"

    Read Government response to the Schott Audit report, August 2012: "NSW Government response to the Final Report of the Commission of Audit"

    Read Schott Audit final report, 4 May 2012: "Commission of Audit final report"

    O'Farrell's threat: be quiet and take your medicine or more will be privatised
    “The Premier, Barry O'Farrell, has warned the union movement that taking industrial action will lead the state government to consider outsourcing public sector jobs, saying there will be ''consequences'' for ''industrial thuggery''.

    The Coalition government is clearly at war against its public sector. It is no coincidence that threats such as this are in line with the plans of big business to turn public services into sources of private profit. The Queensland public sector is fighting back. A question mark hangs over whether there will be a strong response from NSW unions including the PSA. Simply waiting and working towards a change of government guarantees nothing of benefit to the public sector and the community it serves.
    Read the Sydney Morning Herald report, 17 July 2012, "Farrell warns unions off 'industrial thuggery'

    Read the Brisbane Times report, 17 July 2012, “Up to 30,000 public servants will strike in the first wave of industrial action in August against the state government's job cuts, Queensland's chief public service union said last night.” "30,000 prepare to walk off the job"

    UPDATE: Listen to the ABC Radio National podcast, 19 July 2012, “Queensland unions are preparing to challenge the Newman government over a major downsizing of the public service. Up to 20,000 jobs across all departments are expected to be lost under the LNP's cost cutting drive.” "Queensland prepares for ‘industrial mayhem’"

    O'Farrell's Grafton jail 'solution': displace Sydney public service workers 600 kms
    “Premier Barry O'Farrell says the Government is looking to move Sydney-based public sector jobs to Grafton after forceful lobbying from local Nationals MP Chris Gulaptis.”

    Moving jobs for political reasons has become a tradition in NSW. Has the government considered that asking workers to move 600 kms to Grafton means uprooting families and consequently may lead to unemployment for many who are displaced and cannot go. ABC News report and podcast, 12 July 2012, "Public sector jobs to be moved to Grafton"

    Grafton Jail Protest: blow by blow report
    Read and view video of the overnight protest against the down sizing of Grafton Jail.

    Read and view video from the Grafton Daily Examiner eyewitness report, 8 July 2012 "LIVE: Grafton Jail Protest"

    ICAC: "Outsourcing 'exposing NSW government to graft'
    “The NSW government risks exposing itself to corruption as it becomes more reliant on the private sector to deliver services, the corruption watchdog says.”
    Read the Australian newspaper report, 8 May 2012 "Outsourcing 'exposing NSW government to graft'

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