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Australia’s Sex Discrimination Commissioner has commenced an investigation into paid maternity leave. The investigation comes as the New Zealand Government announced introduction of 12 weeks paid maternity leave for mothers having babies from 1 July 2002. The UK has announced that it will extend paid maternity and adoption leave from 18 weeks to 26 weeks, with a further six months unpaid. 

The New Zealand announcement leaves Australia and the United States as the only industrialised nations without a statutory requirement to pay the benefit. The New Zealand Government will pay $325 gross per week, or 100% of the previous wage, whichever is lower. This is approximately 53% of average weekly earnings and the Government is hoping that this will be topped up by employer contributions. 

Australia’s Sex Discrimination Commissioner is releasing an interim report on the issue and will make her recommendations to Government in June 2002.

Progressive PSA brings together rank and file trade union activists in the Public Service Association of New South Wales and the CPSU (SPSF Branch). 

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