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Progressive PSA brings together rank and file trade union activists in the Public Service Association of New South Wales and the CPSU (SPSF Branch). We work for
  - improved and more equitable pay
  - greater job security
  - a democratic and strong union

Women employed in the NSW Public Sector

At the end of June 1999 there were 187,000 women employed in the NSW State Public Sector - 56.6% of the state public sector workforce.

This is a higher participation rate than the workforce as a wholke in NSW - 42.9% of all NSW employees were women.

State Public Sector

The NSW Premier's Department has published an Overview Report for the NSW Public Sector Workforce Profile 1999 based on a comprehensive data collection undertaken as at the end of June 1999.

This shows that there are 2,912,900 persons employed in the state public sector or about 11.3% of all people employed in NSW.

The largest employer is the Department of Education and Training and the second largest is NSW Health: together education and health agencies account for around 60% of all persons working in the NSW public sector.

The next two largest are the NSW Police Service (under 20,000 employees) and the Department of Comunity Services (less than 11,000).

Women's Employment

57.5% of permanent staff were women, but 73% of casuals were women.

Women are less likely to be executives: only 20% of the Senior Executive Service were women.

Women are likely to be paid less than men: full-time equivalent pay rates were on average 8.6% less for women than men. Although the gender pay differential in the public sector is less than in the NSW workforce as a whole: full-time ordinary time earnings for women in the NSW workforce are, on average, 16% less than those for men.


  Women Men
% Permanent staff 55.9% 44.1%
% Temporary staff 58.3% 41.7%
% Casuals 73% 27%
% Senior Executives 20% 80%
Average Full-Time equivalent salary per annum $42,613 $46,619
Average Paid Hours per week 32 36
% Staff working paid overtime 46% 54%
Average Paid Overtime worked per annum 44 hours 129 hours
Average Total Gross Earnings per annum $33,917 $47,757

Based on all employees at the end of June 1999. Pay and overtime figures include casual staff.

Full text of the report available on request.

Women need Unions, and Unions need Women

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