Progressive PSA Let's make our union strong again! The Progressive PSA brings together rank and file trade union activists in the Public
Service Association of NSW and the CPSU (SPSF Branch). We work for:
  • greater job security
  • improved and more equitable pay
  • sustainable jobs in a sustainable environment
  • a democratic and strong union
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    2008 Election Results

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    Although the Progressive's polled strongly (47% of the vote) the incumbent officials managed to secure 53%. General Secretary, John Cahill, suffered a 30% drop on his 2004 vote despite deploying significant union resources as the centrepiece of his campaign.

    General Secretary
    Cahill, John (elected) Rank & File/Members First group 4901 (52.9%)
    Gardiner, Anne Progressive PSA 4358 (47.1%)
    Formal votes counted 9259
    Informal votes not counted 155

    Walsh, Sue (elected) Rank & File/Members First group 5197 (56.7%)
    Harris, Adrianne Progressive PSA 3966 (43.3%)
    Formal votes counted 9163
    Informal votes not counted 251

    Assistant General Secretary*
    Rank and File/Members First group 4666 (51.7%)
    (elected to both positions)
    Progressive PSA 4133 (45.8%)
    Formal votes counted 9033
    Informal votes not counted 247

    Vice President*
    Rank & File/Members First 4335 (50.8%)
    (elected to all 3 positions)
    Progressive PSA 3899 (45.6%)
    Formal votes counted 8533
    Informal votes not counted 747

    Central Council (Governing body of the union)
    Rank & File/Members First group (elected to all 45 positions)5061 (54%)
    Progressive PSA 4266 (45.5%)
    Independent 42 (0.45%)
    Formal votes counted 9369
    Informal votes not counted 112

    Previously positions were allocated roughly in proportion to the vote. However, under new rules (secretly introduced by the incumbents) the group that wins 50% + 1 vote or more receives ALL 52 positions - 45 Central Council delegates plus 7 Executive members.

    * NB the percentages for the 2 Assistant General Secretary positions and 3 Vice President positions do not add up to 100% due to the 'below the line' votes making up the difference. The incumbent faction replaced the more democratic proportional voting system with the new preferential or 'winner take all' voting system. As a result above the line votes reaching greater than 50% meant that below the line votes were not counted.

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