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Current to March 2004

The Union has achieved significant improvements to Managing Change and a new personal leave clause. However the University has not met our claim for parental leave, union rights, or redundancy and redeployment. A cumulative pay offer of 18% over three years has been made. The bargaining team has expressed reservations about the adequacy of the offer as it is predicated on no increase to the quantum of maternity leave.

Members have rejected an offer of 9% over 3 years. Which also included an insulting extra 3% if the University receives an extra $1 million of income and if the Union accept up to 10 staff redundancies. Members have unanimously endorsed an appeal to the Chancellor and the University Council as a sign of no confidence in the current Vice Chancellor.

Members are voting on a new agreement that improves job security, managing change and redundancy payments, increases parental leave to 20 weeks and two weeks paid partner leave. The Agreement contains a cumulative pay rise of over 20.5% in just over three years.

Macquarie University
Bargaining continues slowly at Macquarie. The Union has won significant improvements including 26 weeks paid parental leave, four weeks paid partner leave and the ability to purchase leave. There is a cumulative pay offer of approximately 21%.

After nine months of bargaining progress has been made on key issues such as grievances, appeals and disputes. The University has committed to improving managing change to ensure job security and has dropped its mean spirited attempt to reduce sick leave. But it still wants to cut annual leave and remove the Christmas break. The University has not yet made an adequate salary offer.

Members held a successful two-hour stop work meeting on 4 March and unanimously voted to strike for 24 hours on the 31 March. After 15 months bargaining there is one agreed clause and numerous key outstanding issues including job security, dispute resolution, OHS and parental leave. Pending resolution on our salary claim members have asked for an interim increase of 5% backdated to 1 January 2004. The University has offered 13% conditional on increasing the span of hours. This has been rejected. However an interim increase of 3% was paid on 1 March 2004 without consultation with the Union. We are now locked out of bargaining due to our industrial action.

Charles Sturt University
Over the next week members will be voting on a recommendation to strike for 24 hours. We have been bargaining for nine months with a number of outstanding issues including job security, incremental progression, classification, span of hours, appeals, OHS and parental leave. The University has yet to make a pay offer. Members have asked for an interim increase of 5%.

Australian Catholic University
The University is refusing to bargain. We will take this matter to the AIRC under S17ONA of the Workplace Relations Act to seek the commission’s assistance to get the University to bargain in good faith.

The Union ran a successful industrial campaign over the University’s pay offer of 16% over 4 years; its attempt to remove restrictions on outsourcing; concerns with job evaluation, and the University’s failure to address our maternity leave claim.

The campaign included a 1-hour stop work on Feb 25. This was to have been followed by a 24-hour strike on March 9, 2004. However the threat of strike action lead to the University making a revised pay offer that will deliver 15% by 30 June 2006 (the old pay offer only delivered 12% by June 2006), an extra 1% to be paid on 24 October 2006 plus a $1000 bonus to be paid on 1 June 2004 (or earlier if agreement is reached). The University has also agreed to remove the bottom increment step from a number of the lower HEW levels.

The University has also withdrawn their regressive plan for outsourcing. And they have accepted that job evaluation must be open and accountable. Members will also have access to a broad appeal process and timeframes will be inserted into the Clause. The University has offered 20 weeks paid maternity leave, with $100,000 set aside for return to work career development options.

Wollongong Unicentre
The third agreement was certified on 2 February with a pay rise over three years of 13.8%.

The CPSU has successfully run several disputes over the implementation of the enterprise agreement. Members will receive their next pay increase of 2% in June 2004. Currently delegates and industrial staff are supporting members who have appeals in under the agreements broad banding provisions.

The next pay increase of 2% will be in June 2004. The Union has a number of issues being discussed with management through the Joint Implementation Committee, including the rollover of award clauses and OHS processes.

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